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Over Cladding and Build Up Systems

Over cladding and build up systems

Over Cladding and Build Up Systems

As an alternative to a full roof replacement, over cladding and build up systems involve preserving the existing roof or wall substrate (usually asbestos cement) by adding another single skin which is laid and fixed on top with insulation placed in-between the existing and new sheet.

Over cladding offers a cost effective solution as any asbestos cement in the original roof is unaffected and remains in-situ. This process guarantees that any entry points for water ingress and/or other external damage are fully covered and your building remains weather proof or becomes protected from the elements once again.

Most, if not all, industrial and commercial buildings will need an element of repair and maintenance work over time and the over cladding and build up approach is a no-fuss option. Over cladding can be utilised to both enhance and improve the condition of your existing roof and can also help to prolong its existence.

This method causes the minimum of disruption to both the structure and the daily use of the property and is particularly suited to clients who have a work space that cannot be disturbed due to production or similar reasons.

Whereas a full roof replacement can be a costly and disruptive process to the everyday running of the organisation involved and could also halt the production line or process of certain businesses.

Benefits of Over Cladding your Industrial or Commercial Roof

As touched on above, one of the major benefits of the over cladding system is that it presents minimal disruption to the normal working day within your industrial and commercial property. 

This means that any ‘downtime’ by your workforce is pretty much eliminated to ensure they can carry on with their work as normal. Other over cladding advantages a property owner can benefit from are as follows:

  • An improved level of insulation and greater energy efficiency ensures the building stays cool in the warmer summer months but is warm during the colder winter months
  • The over cladding system results in a cheaper alternative to a costly full roof replacement
  • The additional second skin increases the lifespan of the existing roof system by protecting it from the elements
  • Ventilation is improved thanks to the new external skin, ventilation cavity, insulating layer and supportive structure
  • The appearance of the roof is vastly improved thanks to a range of colours, designs and finishes that are available
  • Long term maintenance costs are greatly reduced thanks to a lower risk of general corrosion, condensation and thermal bridging

To establish if your industrial or commercial property is suitable for over cladding or whether a full roof replacement or another system is more appropriate, please contact us on 0800 027 2244. Alternatively, please complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to help you find the best solution.

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