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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Cement Removal and Replacement

We are specialists in non-licensed asbestos removal we’re also qualified to manage asbestos. All of our operatives are fully trained and certified, complying with all regulations which are meticulously adhered to and monitored.

We will safely remove and dispose of your asbestos, as per HSE a14 guidance notes, we will ensure there is safe access for our operatives, restricted access to non trained individuals, protect nearby surfaces from contamination and contain the asbestos in 500 gauge polythene sheeting and duct tape.

For large projects that require asbestos removal we would offer reassurance air testing, although this is not necessarily required for non-licensed removal we offer this to provide industry best practices and to ensure our staff and our clients are safe and reassured.

The replacement element can be carried out in two ways:

  1. We remove all the asbestos and replace the new roof afterwards, this is usually suitable for small areas such as garages
  2. We strip and replace in phases, this method is more practical for live buildings such as factories and industrial units

Where Asbestos can be found

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